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Hello. Thank you for taking the time to check out Acidic.Icons, the graphics journal of acidroses. I deal in icons and bases from across a wide range of fandoms, as well as textures, brushes and other icon extras. The community is restricted to members only, so you must join to view my graphics.

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acid_lies, ahewlett, all_graphics, asterfall, bases_by_maggie, brokenroad__, blokkengraphics, champagne_candy, crushcrushicons, dont_be_so_base, elliptica, fooish_icons, glimglamoury, iconxjealousy, khushi_icons, lamenticons, lazycolor, lyricsinmyheart, monstericons, noldo_icons, obsessive100, obsessiveicons, redwineandroses, skydrops, statusquo_icons, xseidx

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